Collection: Shifman American Heritage Collection

Shifman mattresses are the finest handmade mattresses in the world.

Thoughtful devotion to detail and selection of the world’s finest materials ensure that the beauty of a Shifman mattress goes beyond the surface.  Made in the USA since 1893 - right here in Newark, NJ - by world class artisans employing techniques and design principles that have endured the test of time, a Shifman is among the most comfortable and long-lasting mattresses available.

The Shifman American Heritage Collection exemplifies the Four Pillars of Shifman craftsmanship:

PILLAR ONE: Natural Materials

Natural cotton is the primary upholstery material in every Shifman mattress. Soft, cozy, and naturally breathable, cotton helps to keep you cool all night long.  

PILLAR TWO: Two-Sided Construction

Shifman is one of the few mattress manufacturers that continues to produce all two-sided mattresses. A two-sided mattress can be flipped for extended comfort and durability.

PILLAR THREE: 8-Way Hand-Tied Box Springs

Shifman’s American Heritage collection features 8-Way Hand-Tied Box Springs, a hallmark of fine furniture. Knotted together by hand with imported Italian twine, the furniture-grade coils in a Shifman box spring maximize the comfort and durability of the mattress for the ultimate sleep experience.

PILLAR FOUR: Hand-Tufted Mattresses

Shifman’s American Heritage collection mattresses feature the exclusive Sanotuft® technique, which produces a smooth buttonless tuft that is hand-sewn from top to bottom, locking the sumptuous upholstery layers and innerspring securely in place. Painstakingly completed by the most experienced Shifman artisans, the tufting process prevents shifting and bunching while adding to the comfort, support and durability of your mattress.